Saturday, May 21, 2011


I made an Apron today for one of Sarah's friend. It was from the book The Perfect apron by Rob Merrett.
You had to ruffle a piece and a gal out at the Custer quilt shop gave me a real good hint. Set your zig zag to the largest setting and sew over floss then you can just pull the floss and it gathers it up. So easy!
It's coming along nicely.
It's got a pocket in the middle of it I think I like it!!
Here's the book.
 I got the binding sewed on this quilt.
Now it's just waiting for a baby.
That's all for now I think we are going to rent a movie and sit back and relax.
where's the popcorn...........JMF
 I'm linking this post to    check it out lots of fun things to see!

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