Saturday, May 28, 2011

Vintage tooled leather purse.

Here's my consignment store purse.
little billfold under flap.
And are you ready for this??????????? It's reversible!! I know I thought it was cool too!! Thanks Ellen for spotting that and the purse in the first place.
Same little billfold under the flap.
I don't know why I've wanted an old purse like this maybe I was a real cowgirl in a former life!!!
 I won a fat quarter bundle on the blog where you could post a quilt, which I did anyway my name was picked as one of the winners. This is my fabric.
12 fat quarters.

Now the BIG question  what do I make out of them. So far I have petted, fondled, admired, and  refolded them but I think I should do more with them someday!!!!
think dry and warm........JMF

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Cherry Red Quilter said...

Wow! That tooled purse is a find! My father used to do a little leather work so I know how much time when into that purse. Lucky girl - and doubly lucky winning that lovelt fabric! Enjoy!