Friday, May 27, 2011

On the road again and again.

I'm almost to tired to write about this!! My first stop on Thur was here for  my yearly mammogram. It didn't take long didn't hurt and I the gal told me about a great website!! So everyone 40 or older get your mammograms. SAVE THE TA TA'S
I had lunch Ellen and then we went to a consignment shop I found her a purse and she found one for me. I will post pics tomorrow of it. I was very excited about it!! After Hobby Lobby, Office Max the mall, Walmart, Dell Rapids I went to Madison to quilt guild. Charlene brought a cool wool table runner she made.
Today Greg needed to go to Mitchell and Huron so another day on the road . We stopped at Carrie's and visited the kids are getting so big. Rachel was packed for an overnight stay at Grandma Betty's she was pumped about that! Regan get taller every time we see him what a cutie!
We had pizza for supper I love pizza! Drove home in the rain when we got close to home Greg said " looks like everyone got a nice rain." We looked at each other and burst out laughing... I guess it's better that crying.
good night.....JMF

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Carol Yerigan said...

When you can laugh, it always makes things better!