Sunday, May 8, 2011

Bus Trip!!

My friend Paula and I signed up for a 3 day bus trip to Beaver Dam WI, to Nancy's Notions once a year sale, seminars demos, and classes.
  The trip started by getting up at 5:15 for me and 4:30 for Paula. We met the bus at the Colman exit.  We picked up more quilters on the way and our first stop was in Mankato MN to the River City Quilt store. What a nice store and good sales! Then on to Rochester to the Mill Ends Textiles if it wasn't for a %60 off coupon we could have skipped it. Finally we got to Portage WI where we stayed at a Best Western. Paula and I each had a room and I think it was the first time I stayed in a hotel room by myself!! That could be a record for a 57 year old.
We had a very good steak and shrimp supper that night, and a nice glass of wine. Then get to bed wake up call at 5:45 what??? Morning came and off we went to Beaver Dam. We signed up for 2 seminars one by Nancy Zieman herself and the other by Darlene Zimmerman both good.
This was Ziemans I didn't get a good pic of her.
 Darlene Zimmerman
 Her quilts are so pretty.

 The cowboy one was an old one that you bought as a kit years ago.
New cat one!

Here is the warehouse where all the money was left and women were happy!!!!!!!!!!! I got some Christmas presents, birthday presents. A pattern and fabric to make some dresses for girls in Africa or Alabama which ever you want. I did get some fabric for me too.

This was our breakfast of Champions ha ha the motels muffins were a little dry so we bought these. The roll came home with Paula just couldn't eat it all.
 Just some sites along the way.
Almost missed it !

Hobo town. I bought a book Hobo Quilts 55+ Original blocks based on the secret language of riding the rails. It even has one from Dean Webb of SD. So far it is interesting.
 Austin's Angora goats.

This was in Harmony MN. She had a little store to sell all kinds of thing made  from angora and wool. Cute goats too.

 The our Amish tour. This is their county school.
 The highline poles are missing no electricity.
 Amish car gets good mileage.
Amish quilt on the clothes line. It was interesting to visit but not the life for me!!!!!!!!!
 Then it was back to Colman exit. I think Paula and I talked the whole trip so it was a good thing we had our own rooms we never would have made the 5:45 wake up call!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good times and good memories.  JMF

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