Thursday, June 2, 2011

Alot about nothing!!!!!

 Mowed the yard and put it up for hay! I hope I get ahead of it someday. Every time it needs mowing it rains or I'm gone and just one day makes a difference. I've be hauling the grass over to my garden so it's not going to waste.
Sorry this pictures are alittle mixed up.

Sights on the way home from taking dinner to the calving pasture. Getting almost done getting cattle out to pastures.
 Sarah's horse Fancy she lost her buddy Candy this winter.
Spot the long horn had her second calf this spring I think it is black no spots.
I have to get a quilt or two in. This is Lucas' the other boys have cowboys but he picked this one. Regan is the only one that doesn't have one, I'll have to work on that.
I gave the baby quilt to our niece's daughter and now I remembered I have the doll blanket too. I'll have to get that quilted and give to her too. Pick cowgirl fabric I love it!!!
I wish this was mine it was out at the stock show in Rapid city. I just don't think I would ever get it done. Maybe just one block..........
It would have to be this one!!
We went to Johnny's first ball game tonight. Windy but fun to see all those boys get so excited when they get a run or two!! John's  a good little player.
summer fun.....JMF


Mary said...

Really like Lucas' hunter quilt!!

Karin said...

All that green makes me weep! Wish I had green grass to mow! Still praying for rain. I love that cowgirl fabric too and made a baby quilt with it. Yours is darling!Love the quilt with the hunter! Do you know if the pattern is still available? We are a shotgun family and I would love to make a couple of these for us a dn for the men out at the range!