Thursday, June 30, 2011

Buffalo, Bar-B-ques, Town, and Hay

I finally got out with Greg to check the Buffalo. he was in a hurry tho so not many and not so good pictures. We do have 7 calves tho, they don't like their pictures taken, to shy always hiding behind mom!
The bull guarding his girls, even tho sometime they kick him out of the herd. He doesn't go to far away from them.
Monday I made 17 lbs of bar-b-que for the 4H horse show.
We had some leftover but sold all the hotdogs, and raised some money for Relay for Life. It wasn't real hot so it was a good day.
We didn't even work real hard. I mean yes we worked like dogs!
Yesterday I met a friend Paula here for lunch and later a Java slush mmmmgood. It's just to bad there are 2 fabric stores real close and we are forced to go into them. Fun day tho, and yes I did buy more fabric!
 raking hay.
All with no rain on it. yes life is good now back to cleaning my office, and then I give myself permission to go play with fabric!!  JMf

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