Friday, June 24, 2011

My exciting life or lack of excitement you be the judge!!

The pumpkins are really starting to take off.
Of course the weeds are coming too. I need to pull some more and then put the Pren down so they don't come back.
I was a naughty girl the other day! But most if it was on sale, all but 2 fat quarters and a little kit.It is for a good cause pillowcases for the safe house in Madison.
They turned out pretty good.
This is a quilt I started oh maybe 3 years ago. To be continued sooner than 3 years tho.
So this is Papa's Father's Day card. Johnny and Lucas picked it out with alittle help from someone else.
We thought it was pretty dang funny!!!!!!!!! I'm going to keep it around awhile in case Greg gets in one of his know it all moods I can read it to him!!!!!!!!! We kind of take turns with the know it all syndrome!!!!
 Now on to the tutorial of our favorite dessert for the last few days. Watch closely and maybe get a pen and paper so you can write the steps down..
so far pretty self explanatory maybe you won't need the pen and paper!!
don't mind the dirty microwave it only takes about 10 seconds.
I think you are suppose to make these around a campfire, but it would take longer to get the wood, get the fire going, oh Wheel of Fortune is starting just stick them in the microwave!!!!!!!!!

They are fixing our road today!! oh yeah!!!!!!! Hope I can get a few pictures as they are doing it.
I hear the vacuum cleaner calling me............JMF

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Cherry Red Quilter said...

not sure if I should thank yoi for showing me how to make smores in the microwave - might have been safer not to know! yum