Saturday, June 4, 2011

Minnows, flowers, pillowcases, and aprons.

Greg found a bunch of minnows in the field where the water is draining to the slew. He told the boys, so then you can guess how many times we have been out their. Once Jared took them then me then papa. I made them come back to soon (according to them) and they weren't so happy with me so I said Papa can take you next time. Wouldn't you know he lets them take their shoes and socks off and wade with the minnows. So of course he's the hero and I am chopped liver!!!!!!!!! Oh well I made them sausage and pancakes for supper their favorite! That should have earned me a point or 2. I told them the supper was in memory of Babe their 6 year old sow that weighted over 700 lbs, she went to hog heaven yesterday. She was a wedding present to Jared and Sarah from their good friend Dustin.

Jared and Sarah gave me the basket for Mother's Day and are they ever blooming.
I made 3 more pillowcases, so now I have 5 to take to quilt guild. We give them to the safe house over in Madison.
I got another apron done I think this one will go to  Denver from the SD Cattleman's Aux for a silent auction.
also will send a little girls one too.
I'm ready for a shower and some TV and relax before bed.  JMF


Dirt Road Quilter said...

LOL on your minnow story! Similar ones have played out through the years here when the kids were younger. But what a treasure of memories! I've been making pillowcases too. I love your and your aprons are wonderful. I am drawn to anything made with western fabric.

JMF said...

My largest tote is for my western fabric! starting on another apron..western of course.