Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The last few days.

Another apron?? I just have one more to make. Then I will hide the pattern!!
Tues Mary and I went to Brookings to the 2nd annual Ag women's day. We heard some good speakers and ate lots of good food.
The first speaker was V.J.Smith he wrote this book.
I'm sure it is in the Library. I read it in 2006. It is about a man that worked in Walmart. You should read it!!
During our lunch break we were entertained with a Bib Overall fashion show.

This man Trygve Trooien has a collection of bib overalls, more than 80, and about that many different brands. Here are some of them most I had never heard of. Big Ben, Big Buck, Big Smith, Big Yank, Blue Buckle,that one has a double pliers pocket. Then there was Carhart, Carters, Vickies, Red Cap, Paul Bunyon, Pointer, Rail Chief, Red Camel, Red ball, Osark,Key,King Gee,Fly's this one had a red butterfly on the tag. That's not all Finks, 5Brother Red Bar, Old Kentucky, Montgomery Wards, and Lee. The OshKosh B Gosh brand stated that You get a perfect fit if you buy the right size!!!!! Really

 Then we had more food and 2 more speakers Carolyn A Thompson on estate planning and Dr Val Farmer on family farming. I think a good time was had by all!!!!!!!
Pumpkin progress we had a 1/2 of rain so the weed are growing to. Oh no!
We went to Lake Preston today No I didn't go to the quilt shop it's just not as fun when you have a man following you around!! He did offer tho he gets points for that.

Good ole Lake Thompson.
You can hardly see the seagulls in the sky but they were on the road on the way up and back. I caught a picture on the way home.
I better get busy.....jmf

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