Sunday, June 19, 2011

Hay and the Beach Boys................

Greg mowing hay, so if it rains he's to blame! it does sound like we could get rain and storms, I hope not.
Then we went to Mitchell to the Beach Boys concert. It was on the grounds at the Mitchell Prehistoric Indian Village. The weather was great and the music was good.
Right by the lake.
John Stamos tours with them part of the time. He was on Full House if you are old enough to remember that show! He sang part of the time but played the drums a lot too.
Their really long bus!
 After the concert they had fireworks, wow I have never seen anything like it. They were awesome and it echoed off the lake. very cool we both agreed. Greg wanted to start leaving before it was over, and I said "no we paid 90 bucks for this we are staying to the end" and we were glad we did.

The pictures are nothing compared to being there.
I think it was one 70 year old beach boy and some younger relatives!!!!!!!!!!
fun night.......JMF

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