Friday, June 23, 2017

Still at the quilt show and fishing..................

 More cute quilts from the Rapid  City quilt show.
 It looks like this was a challenge in their guild. I'd say they met that challenge with no problems!

 This one was different and alot of work I think.
 I love a good applique quilt.
 From flowers to cross word puzzle quilts they had it all.

 A good way to do a family quilt.

  A racing car quilt a fun boys quilt.
 This was my favorite I might have to find the pattern
 Another book quilt, I'd like to make one someday.

 We went fishing the other night well Greg and the grandsons I just took pictures and walked cus I don't touch worms or fish:)
 Limber necks

 Still more quilts plus a few other things coming up.................JMF


Sara said...

Wow! Lots of eye candy! I know the young quilter that made the race car quilt. She made it for her son and he loves it.

kristin mccarthy said...

Wow. Beautiful quilts.


Janet Trieschman said...

Thanks for sharing views from the quilt show and sharing your post with us at #CCBG

Moneik Stephens said...

So glad to see you liked my son's race car quilt. He is 4 and picks out fat quarters every time we go to the quilt shops. He also LOVES cars, so when I saw this "skateboard" quilt, I saw race cars. He absolutely loves it and was so mad that I put it in the show. He missed his quilt.

Lydia Filgueras said...

Lots of inspiration! Thanks for sharing with us at Creatively Crafty #ccbg :)