Thursday, January 21, 2016

New purses and a new shed......................

 I'm still making a few purses between mistakes I'm enjoying it:) I kept one of these and the other one went to Huron.

 This was the guys recycle reuse project this winter. They used part of these grain bins as calf shelters and the rest of the rings made the roof of this shed.
 It's just the right size for the tractor and mixer wagon, and it's right next to the silage pile!
 It's got lights and everything!

 I'm sure it's one of a kind.
 This purse has a inset zipper I should let it go at that but... After sewing ripping sewing ripping I got it done. I watched some you tube tutorials, read some instructions none of it helped much!!!
I'm not sure it goes with that dress tho:) Mom made that for me for the Snow Queen contest! She made alot of our clothes and was pretty darn good at it!
It's done at least I can say that:) I have enough fabric left to make a nice big pillow.........hopefully I can sew a square without ripping out a seam......................JMF


cucki said...

All the purses are so pretty
It's nice to read about the shed..interesting
Hugs x

Judy said...

Your bags are great! I like the red one, my favorite color! Love the big cover! I would put my chickens in there!