Sunday, February 28, 2016

From the Badlands to the Center of the Nation

 So here we are in Belle Fourche at the Tri-State Museum. The first thing I see is a life size cardboard cut out of John Wayne!!! Paula you should have taken 10 pictures of me so maybe I could have put one here!!! We had fun with John anyway:)
 The Cowboys my favorite movie. This is a very nice museum lots of rodeo history, military, sheep, buffalo sewing and a lot more. It's worth the price to get in FREE you don't find that everyday.
 Right outside it is the Center of the Nation monument it is a compass rose shaped  monument that measures 21 feet across and is constructed of SD granite. The actual center of the nation (50 states) is about 20 miles north of Belle Fourche.

 The actual center of the nation. I said lets go and the guys said no there's nothing there but a flag and a pile of rocks!!

 Next stop was at Aladdin Wy where we ate at Cindy B's cafe good food! Then we went next door to the Aladdin General Store. It is one of  5 mercantiles left in WY.
 They did have a little of everything in there about all we bought was some candy:) It looked much better on the outside cute red building with white trim but the inside.....

Lots of antlers

 The final stop of the tour Devil's Tower.
 We took the kids there years ago it was summer so we walked around the base of it. It was snowy so we didn't walk it this time.
 Sara and Parker's purses a small one for Parker
and a bigger one for Sara.

 Here's the cute lining fabric they wanted me to use.
Until next time.............JMF

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