Tuesday, April 21, 2020

I'm blogging again....I think?

It's been since Christmas that I have even looked at my blog! I was putting Mary, Joseph and one of the 3 wise men away! My good friend gave me this cute guys for Christmas a few years ago.
 Then in Jan we sold calves.
 I have been making book marks to use up some scraps.
 I'm sure I could make one for everyone in South Dakota and still have plenty of scraps.
I just have a hard time throwing fabric away.
 I've given them to schools and libraries and still have more to give away.
 This was Greg's winter project. His thinking was  if we had another wet spring it would come in handy for calving. So far we have had a pretty good spring.
 I've made a few of these small tactile tag along baby quilts.
This is the back it has fleece, cotton and ribbons for different textures........jmf 

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Judy said...

I have started 4 blogs and never post on them! It really takes time and that time can be used for other items. Glad you are doing ok. Summer will be here soon. I will be happy to go out without a mask when this is all over and the states begin opening back up. Your small blankets are cute! Maybe come winter more babies will be coming!